EP. 8, Into the K-hole


LITFL Ketamine (don’t need to reinvent the wheel)

“Prehospital analgesia for trauma victims improves physiologic severity indicators in a low-resource trauma system. Compared to pentazocine, ketamine was associated withimproved blood pressure for patients with serious injuries. Ketamine seems to be a good choice for prehospital analgesia in trauma victims, particularly in a low-resource setting.”(Losvik, Murad, Skjerve, & Husum, 2015)

EMCrit/PulmCrit Analgesic ladder

10 Ways to Safely Push Ketamine in the ED Good article looking at the different dosages and their effects, along with 10 applications on the emergency medicine setting

SMACC talk Reuben Strayer.

EM updates Talks specifically about The Ketamine Brain Continuum.