Medic to Medicine: Michael Lauria

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Michael Lauria, Paramedic and MS-1

MaineCrit traveled down to Hanover, NH

 to interview flight paramedic and MS-1, Michael Lauria(@ResusPadawan)

Toughness Part I with Michael Lauria

Scott Weingart's interview with Michael on Mental toughness.

The Importance of GRIT

John Greenwood's post about GRIT on IteachEM.

Hofstra North-Shore

"New Med Students Training as EMTs"

Victoria Brazil - Evidence-Based Education- What Works

SMACC Gold lecture on what works in education. The answer is yes. The answer is also no.

Mental practice: a simple tool to enhance team-based trauma resuscitation




Full article: Mental Practice for Trauma Resuscitation — Christopher Hicks (@HumanFact0rz) April 11, 2015

And finally, Dat library...

Just a small piece.